Khiro Hoilett is a 14-year old runner who has participated at his school and AAU track team. He first started running track in Feburary 2014 and ended his season in July 2014. At his school, he ran the mile (1600). His best time for the season was 5:10. He qualified for the Broward County Regional Championship and finished fourth with a time of 5:12. After the season, he joined the Coral Springs Blazers track club. In the track club, Khiro ran the 1500m and the 3000m. During the season, he was able to bring his time down. In the FLYTAF meet, Khiro PR'd with a time of 4:45. In the 3000m, he ran a time of 10:20. After that meet, his times went up and down. He ran a 4:48 in the AAU District Qualifier meet, and a 10:25 in the 3000m. In that AAU National Qualifier, he ran a 4:46 in the 1500m, and a 10:24 in the 3000m. However, Khiro competed in the 2014 AAU National Club Championships. He ran both the 1500m and the 3000m. He ran a PR time of 4:40 in the 1500m, and a 10:08 in the 3000m. With that time, Khiro finished sixth overall and got a medal.

Cross Country 2014 Season Edit

For the 2014 Cross Country season, Khiro ran the 5,000m in multiple cities with different weather conditions. On his first meet at the King's Academy Invitational, Khiro ran a PR time of 17:38 with a 9th place finish for his first race of the season. He then lowered his PR time to 17:13 at the East Meets West Invitational with a 4th place finish. Throughout the season, Khiro as had a consistent season running in the 17's for his school. At the BCAA city meet at Tradewinds Park , Khiro finished in third place behind Anthony Ramcharran and Alex Margetts of Stoneman Douglas High School with a time of 17:38. Then at the BCAA championships in Markham Park, Sunrise, Khiro finished in 19th place with a time of 17:40. He followed that up with a few first place finishes in small meets.

At the District Championships at Tradewinds Park, Khiro had a fourth place finish with a time of 17:20. His team eventually got enough points to come in second place at the meet and qualify for the 4A Regional Meet at Markham Park. At the regional meet at Markham park, Khiro had a disappointed 16th place with his second fastest time of 17:14 and was one spot away for competing for the 4A Cross Country State Championships. However, he was an honorable mention in the Coral Springs newspaper.

2014 Track and Field Season Edit

Khiro is also running track and field for Coral Springs High School. In his first high school meet, he Pr'd in the mile with a time of 4:56. Khiro keeps dropping his time in the mile by running a 4:53 in his third regular season meet. He followed that performance in the 3200m with a first-place finish time of 10:38. In the BCAA North Qualifier at Blanche Ely High School, Khiro ran both the 1600m and the 3200m. Unfortunately, Khiro finish 6th in the mile with a time of 4:52. But, in the two mile, Khiro finished third with a time of 10:39 qualifying for the 2015 BCAA County Championships at Dillard High School. At the BCAA Championships, Khiro ran a PR time of 10:19 in the 3200m with a 8th place finish. At the Coral Springs City Championships, Khiro ran a PR time in the 1600m with 4:48 and finished in 4th place.

In the 4A District 12 meet, Khiro opted out of the 1600m to focus on the 3200m. In the 3200m, Khiro finished in third place with a time of 10:32 qualifying for the 4A Region 3 meet at Jupiter High School. At the regional meet, Khiro, who was under the weather, finished in a disappointed 10th place with a time of 10:37. Even though Khiro didn't qualify for states, he going to finish his 2014 season with the Coral Springs Blazers Track Club.

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